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Drums - Percussion
Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Progressive Metal

Humber College - Bachelor of Music Honours


Mark started playing drums at the age of 11, and hasn't stopped ever since. In his high school years, he joined as many school bands as he could, including the Stage Band and Show Choir Pit Band, where he got exposed to learning to play multiple genres of music,  including jazz, funk, Latin, and R&B, as well as other percussion instruments including bongos, and congas.


At Humber College, Mark had the privilege of studying with some outstanding faculty including Paul DeLong, Larnell Lewis and Mark Kelso. Mark was also the recipient of numerous awards including the Just Drums Award, Sabian Cymbals Award, the Sonny Milne Memorial Award and the Cisco Scholarship for Excellence.


Mark is currently a member of several bands of various genres including the "Chris Molyneaux Jazz Trio”, “Accolades”,"Avalon’s Garden”, and, "Imantrus". He has played in various festivals including TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Beaches Jazz Festival, and the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival, as well as gigs throughout the GTA and beyond. In 2013-2016, Mark had the privilege of playing with the Toronto All-Star Big Band, where he toured Southern Ontario, Iowa, and Florida, performing classic swing and big band music of the 1930s-40s.


Mark currently teaches drums to students of various ages and skill levels. He approaches teaching with the same joy and enthusiasm as he does his own playing. He encourages his students to take it one step at a time and never give up. Learning and playing music requires lots of focus, discipline and practice, but should always be fun!


Pop, Rock, Metal

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Adrian has been active in the Toronto music scene for 15 years both as a freelance drummer as well as being in the bands SFC and Storm. His love for drumming stemmed from influences by pop rock, rap metal, and alternative rock music, but Adrian also developed versatility playing many other genres of music in his career as a session drummer.


Notable artists he's worked with include Eddie Ng (吳國敬), Joe Tay (鄭敬基), Chin Ka Lok (錢嘉樂) and more.



Drums - Cajon - Percussion - Bucket Drumming
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Brazlian, Afro-Cuban, Bossa Nova
York University - Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours

English, Cantonese

York began his musical training at the age of 13.  Throughout his high school and university career he was actively involved in Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, Bucket Drumming, Media Music Concert Band, Bossa Nova Ensemble, and Wind Symphony.

Throughout the years, he has become well versed in a variety of percussive instruments such as the Congas, Bongos, Pandeiro, Cajon, in addition to classical instruments.  He found that being exposed to diverse instruments, rhythms, and techniques, helped him expand his musical knowledge.  Similar to building vocabulary to speak a language, York believes that learning different styles encourages a more unique and well-rounded musical experience.

In addition to teaching private lessons, York performs across the GTA and is truly passionate about music.




Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip hop, Blues, Country
York University - Jazz Performance Honours

English, Cantonese

Lavien began his formal musical training with piano lessons when he was 10 years old.  Mostly self taught, he discovered his love for drumming in high school when he formed his first rock band with some friends. His love for beating the skins and laying down a solid foundation for a great rock band has never stopped since.

Fast forward to university, Lavien studied jazz extensively and found a unique interest in West African drumming and polyrhythms at York University where he completed his honours degree in Jazz Performance. Although his bread and butter is rock drumming, he has experience playing all styles of music ranging from pop, hip hop to blues, country and traditional Chinese music.

With over a decade of teaching under his belt, Lavien likes to approach music holistically and incorporates singing, dancing and breathing techniques into his lessons because music is expressed through vibration, movement and emotions. What makes Lavien standout as a drum teacher is his ability to drum and sing at the same time and being able to play other instruments like guitar and piano. This makes him a well rounded musician that understands music from a variety of perspectives.



Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Country
University of Toronto - Jazz Performance


Mackenzie discovered his love of drumming at the age of 6 and has pursued his musical passions ever since. He has studied with Mike Siracusa, (during his formative years), Toronto jazz drummer Kevin Dempsey (throughout high school), and the renowned Jazz artist and Juno winner Terry Clarke at the Faculty of Jazz studies, University of Toronto.


He has been involved at The Interprovincial Music Camp, (IMC), for years... from camper to Jazz Faculty Assistant as well as drumming for numerous Musical Theatre productions.


His philosophy is based around the belief that mastering rudiments with an unerring solid beat

is the key to playing any musical style. This is evident in his live performances and studio work.


Mackenzie enjoys teaching and passing on his expertise with patience and a natural ability to connect with young musicians.



Drums - Percussion
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Funk, South American, Metal, Chinese Drums
University of Toronto - Bachelor of Music

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Bobby’s musical history is rooted in piano lessons, where his lack of rhythm and
coordination at the time drove him to take drum lessons. After developing his obsession
with drumming, he has been an active participant in extra-curricular musical activities
during secondary school, where he performed in concert bands, orchestras, jazz
ensembles. In addition to performing, Bobby supplemented his musical horizon by
composing and arranging music for percussion ensembles, orchestras, choirs, symphonic
bands, and his personal rock bands.

Bobby’s interest in drumming has expanded into the realm of traditional Chinese
percussion instruments, including the lion dance drum, flower pot drum (hua pen gu), and
drum set (paigu). Outside of his private lessons, Bobby leads the Apex Drumming Team,
a group of youth that specializes in Chinese drums and percussion. After witnessing the
ferocity of the drumming team through shared community performances, Bobby was
invited to join the Toronto Chinese Orchestra (TCO) and was appointed the percussion
principal. In addition to the TCO, Bobby has also collaborated with the Edmonton
Chinese Orchestra, Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, Xian-Se Gong Chinese
Orchestra, and Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra.

Since 2008 Bobby has taught over 100 students in both the Western drum kit and Chinese

Despite his obsession with music, Bobby earned his master’s degree in Professional
Education, specializing in Applied Behaviour Analysis. In addition to teaching drums, his
professional life involves working with individuals diagnosed with autism as a behaviour
therapist. Occasionally, these two worlds meet and Bobby welcomes children with autism
who want to learn drums. As a result, Bobby is able to create specialized lesson plans and
teaching strategies to teach students of all ages and learning levels.



Drums - Percussion
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin
University of Toronto - Bachelor of Music Performance - Classical Percussion

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Derek Ou received his Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto, majoring in Classical Percussion. During his time as a student there, he was a part of the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra, The University of Toronto Wind Ensemble, UofT Percussion Ensemble, Hannaford Youth Band and the York Symphony Orchestra.


Alongside his regular commitments Derek also takes on gigs with other bands and organizations.  He is also the leader of the band “Sweet and Sour” made up of other University of Toronto students.


His education at the University of Toronto has given him a great breadth of experience and knowledge. Although he specializes in classical aspects of playing percussion, he also demonstrates expertise playing the drum kit, comfortable with Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Latin and many other styles.


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