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Drum Kit - Percussion - Cajon

Mark Drums
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Drums - Percussion  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Progressive Metal

Humber College - Bachelor of Music Honours


Mark started playing drums at the age of 11, and hasn't stopped ever since. In his high school years, he joined as many school bands as he could, including the Stage Band and Show Choir Pit Band, where he got exposed to learning to play multiple genres of music,  including jazz, funk, Latin, and R&B, as well as other percussion instruments including bongos, and congas.


At Humber College, Mark had the privilege of studying with some outstanding faculty including Paul DeLong, Larnell Lewis and Mark Kelso. Mark was also the recipient of numerous awards including the Just Drums Award, Sabian Cymbals Award, the Sonny Milne Memorial Award and the Cisco Scholarship for Excellence.


Mark is currently a member of several bands of various genres including the "Chris Molyneaux Jazz Trio”, “Accolades”,"Avalon’s Garden”, and, "Imantrus". He has played in various festivals including TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Beaches Jazz Festival, and the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival, as well as gigs throughout the GTA and beyond. In 2013-2016, Mark had the privilege of playing with the Toronto All-Star Big Band, where he toured Southern Ontario, Iowa, and Florida, performing classic swing and big band music of the 1930s-40s.


Mark currently teaches drums to students of various ages and skill levels. He approaches teaching with the same joy and enthusiasm as he does his own playing. He encourages his students to take it one step at a time and never give up. Learning and playing music requires lots of focus, discipline and practice, but should always be fun!

TLMA - Robert Teacher Bio Photo.jpg


Drums - Guitar - Ukulele - Bass  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, Rock, Folk, Metal, Classical

University of Manitoba - Bachelor of Music

Professional Musicians College - Jazz Studies


Robert is a multi-instrument instructor who teaches guitar, ukulele, bass, and drums.  He studied classical music in university, and jazz and contemporary music in college. He has also taught group lessons and band performance as well as courses in modern music production.


Robert spent a number of years touring Canada playing in rock and pop bands as well as numerous shows with various singer/songwriters.  He also writes and records music in a number of styles including symphonies, soundtracks, classical guitar and electronica.


Robert's approach to teaching is to always have students learn the fundamentals, proper technique, and include music theory relating to the songs that are being worked on.  He teaches classic material along with the newest songs. 

Issac Drums
Issac Lo Drum Teacher Photo.jpg


Pop, Rock, Funk, Punk, Metal

Hong Kong Design Institute - Higher Diploma in Digital Music and Media

Baron School of Music - Advanced Certificate in Modern Audio Production

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Issac is an experienced drummer with a strong passion for music and teaching.  He has over 5 years of experience teaching students of all ages and skill levels.  After graduating from Hong Kong Design Institute with a Higher Diploma in Digital Music and Media, Issac gained expertise in recording and mixing techniques that he now applies to his own music.  With over 8 years of experience playing in bands, he understands the importance of a drummer's role in a group and brings that knowledge into his teaching.

As a dedicated musician, Issac believes in a student-centered approach to teaching.  He emphasizes the autonomy and creativity of each individual student and is passionate about helping them achieve their goals. Issac has experience teaching both small group classes and private lessons to students ranging in age from as young as 5 years old to seniors.

One of his strengths as a teacher is his ability to help his students experience a sense of accomplishment and success in their drumming.  He believes that this sense of progress is essential for nurturing a deep and lasting interest in the instrument.  Additionally, Issac is a skilled communicator who enjoys connecting with his students on a personal level, recognizing that building a strong rapport with them is essential for creating a positive and productive learning environment.

Aside from his passion for music and teaching, Issac has also worked as a tutor for children with special needs, demonstrating his dedication to education and personalized approach to teaching.  Overall, Issac's diverse experience, commitment to teaching, and passion for music make him an excellent educator for students of all ages and skill levels.

Glenn Panda.jpg


Drums - Guitar - Bass  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, RnB, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Progressive

Centennial College - Child and Youth Work Program

Trebas Institute - Audio Engineering and Production

2018 Battle of the Bands Toronto - Grand Champion

English, French, Tagalog

Glenn has been passionate about playing and studying the drumset for most of his life!  He has been playing drums for nearly 20+ years and has been teaching for over 5 years.  He loves all styles of music and has performed in musical styles, ranging from Jazz to Heavy Metal.

In addition to teaching students, he plays with 2018 Grand Champion Battle of The Bands Winner N.S.A; No Strings Attached, and is a member of  A.B.F Band.  He's also collaborated with many local  songwriters and musicians in the development of music soundtracks for commercial productions.


In addition to these projects, Glenn manages freelance live and session work and leads percussion in a church choir group at St. Andre Besette Catholic Church. Besides his performing, Glenn is currently the drum instructor for the drumline of the Philippine Heritage Band.

In addition to being a drummer, Glen is also a trained and certified child and youth counselor in the York Region School Board since 2014. He graduated from the Child and Youth Work program of Centennial College.

Glenn Drums

Drums - Theory  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Latin, World Music

Zhengzhou University - Majoring in Percussion

English, Mandarin

Jeffrey is experienced with teaching drumming techniques and music theory to students of all ages and skill levels.  With proficiency in a variety of musical genres, Jeffrey enjoys the challenge of preparing students for various competitions, performances and recordings.

In 2019, he participated in the "Yu" College Student Music Festival as the band's drummer.  That same year, his band also performed live in collaboration with the artist Macaron at the Sheng Ru Xia Hua 生如夏花 Livehouse.


In 2020, he began collaborations with professional musician Guo Xu as his percussionist.  At the same time, Jeffrey formed a new band with his friends as the house band for a music bar.

He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a passion for inspiring and motivating students to achieve their musical goals.




Drums - Percussion - Cajon - Djembe - Hangdrum - Frame Drums

Pop, Rock,  Jazz, Persian and Eastern Rhythms

Tehran College - Bachelor of Music Honours

English, Farsi

Maziar started playing music at the age of six with percussion and frame drums.  Music has been the most important part of his life in such a way that during the school days, as the head of music groups, he was always responsible for organizing and holding music for various occasions.


With his love for music, especially rhythmic and percussive instruments, he tried to learn as much as possible, so that now he has a special skill in playing many of them, such as Drums , Congo, Djembe , Darbuka, Hangdrums, Daf and Tonbak.  


At the same time, he was studying in two university fields, mechanical engineering and music.  But since music was the main part of his life, after graduation, he pursued music forever.


The first place in student competitions at the country level for two consecutive years, participation in Gros Leder master classes, participation in teaching courses in conservatories in Paris and Armenia were part of his activities during his student days. 


Maziar's artistic life can be divided into two parts, the first part as a musician and composer and the second part as a teacher.


At the age of 18, after entering the university, Maziar founded the Chahi music group and with this group, as a musician, director and composer, he was able to achieve the first three positions in world folk music in 2015 in Austria, 2016 Spain, 2017 France.

And also held numerous concerts in these countries: Germany, Spain, Russia, Oman, France, China, Portugal, Armenia, Azerbaijan …

He has also collaborated in holding concerts and recording albums and video clips with groups 28 bands, Whitenoise , Chakame and the National Orchestra. 


The second part: activity as a teacher


Teaching music and educating gifted students has always been one of Maziar's goals.  Therefore, he started teaching music at the age of 18.  And finally, he succeeded in establishing Chahi Music Academy in 2010, which is considered one of the most prominent music education academies, especially focusing on children's education in Iran.


A lot of patience, trying to keep personal knowledge up to date, continuous review and access to modern educational methods, a lot of experience in teaching music, especially teaching music to children, and familiarity with modern psychology in order to understand and establish a relationship with students.  One of Maziar's main characteristics in teaching is the wide presence of his students as professional musicians, or as professional teachers at the first level of music.

Tone Lab 2021 Shoot29493.png

Pop, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Blues, Country
University of Toronto - Jazz Performance


Mackenzie discovered his love of drumming at the age of 6 and has pursued his musical passions ever since. He has studied with Mike Siracusa, (during his formative years), Toronto jazz drummer Kevin Dempsey (throughout high school), and the renowned Jazz artist and Juno winner Terry Clarke at the Faculty of Jazz studies, University of Toronto.


He has been involved at The Interprovincial Music Camp, (IMC), for years... from camper to Jazz Faculty Assistant as well as drumming for numerous Musical Theatre productions.


His philosophy is based around the belief that mastering rudiments with an unerring solid beat

is the key to playing any musical style. This is evident in his live performances and studio work.


Mackenzie enjoys teaching and passing on his expertise with patience and a natural ability to connect with young musicians.


Yuzi Bio Photo Pic 2_edited.jpg


Pop, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Latin, Country

Western University - Master of Professional Education

Mohawk College - Professional Drumming

English, Mandarin

Yuzi started drums when she was 8 and piano when she was 5, during which time she
developed the foundation for her future music career. During high school, Yuzi started playing
in bands and performing gigs. Some of Yuzi’s early influences include artists like Metallica, GnR, Nirvana, and
Snarky Puppy.

She took her undergraduate in Radio and Television, where she played with many musicians
and started her own band. During her time at Western University for Master of Professional
Education, Yuzi also participated in the Western Mustang Band and performed in many
campus and local sports games.

She took drumming as her hobby before she finally entered Mohawk College for professional
drumming.  At Mohawk, she studied with industry giants such as Pat Collins, Kevin Dempsey,
Emile d’Eon, where she got training in Jazz, Latin, Country, Fusion and many more genres.

Yuzi’s teaching philosophy is to use student’s interests as an anchor point, improve students’
abilities in drumming as well as their knowledge in music. She believes that it’s not only
important to improve skills, but also important to open the door to more musical ideas.

Wylie Profile Picture.jpg


Drums - Guitar - Ukulele - Bass  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, RnB, Rock, Metal
Trebas Institute - Audio Engineering and Production / DJ Arts Diploma

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Wylie is a multi-instrumentalist started as a local performance artist within Markham. Having able to play
guitar, bass, drums on demand, and with knowledgably music theory to operate other instruments when needed. He later started to work as a session musician in recording studios and have become a recording artist in Toronto. After
years of working, he went to study in Trebas to further expands his music production skills and now he teaches
recording instruments and help artist to put their creative work out in the public.

With the understanding recording music, Wylie approach instrument in a non-traditional method. Having
inspired by a lot of different instrument artist, he often will approach students with what inspired them and create personalized curriculum for what the student preference in music is. Help them connect their performance skill and studio skills.

Wylie teaching philosophy is based on Victor Wooten’s approach to music, with the idea that we are all
children who are trying to learn a language and that’s music.

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