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Acoustic - Electric - Classical - Bass - Ukulele

Jesse GTR Bio.jpg

Guitar - Ukulele - Bass  ONLINE & IN PERSON 

Pop, Rock, Shred Guitar, Blues, Funk, Heavy Metal

York University - Bachelor of Arts in Music


Jesse is a guitar instructor with over 10 years of playing experience, along with several years of performance experience as an active member of Toronto’s live music scene. He also plays ukulele and bass guitar.    


Jesse’s musical journey began at the age of 9, when he began playing guitar and taking lessons from local guitar instructor Bruno DiBartolomeo. 


Jesse developed his passion through his love of rock music, and as he progressed, also became familiar with the genres of pop, blues, funk, shred guitar, jazz fusion, and heavy metal music! He later got immediate acceptance into York University’s music program, where he is nearing completion of his Bachelor of Arts degree.     


Jesse believes strongly in a tailored approach towards teaching music, recognizing that all individuals are unique and require a learning plan that works best for them.



Guitar - Ukulele - Bass  ONLINE & IN PERSON 

Pop, RnB, Rock, Jazz, Blues

York University - Bachelor of Arts in Music

English, Mandarin

Bryan is a highly skilled music professional with a Bachelor's degree in Guitar from York University and is currently pursuing a degree in Music Production at Berklee College of Music.

Throughout his career, Bryan has participated in several notable music events, including his invitation to perform at the 2019 Sony Centre Chinese New Year Gala. He has also served as the YCSA Freshman orientation musician for several years and is a frequent performer at various festivals in Toronto, showcasing his vast performance experience.

As an instructor, Bryan's teaching philosophy revolves around cultivating a love for music through enjoyable and stimulating lessons. He emphasizes the importance of fostering a student's passion and interest in learning their instrument, allowing them to experience the joy of creating and performing music.  His dedication to teaching and passion for music makes him an exceptional educator and mentor.


TLMA - Robert Teacher Bio Photo.jpg


Guitar - Ukulele - Bass - Drums  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, Rock, Folk, Metal, Classical

University of Manitoba - Bachelor of Music

Professional Musicians College - Jazz Studies


Robert is a multi-instrument instructor who teaches guitar, ukulele, bass, and drums.  He studied classical music in university, and jazz and contemporary music in college. He has also taught group lessons and band performance as well as courses in modern music production.


Robert spent a number of years touring Canada playing in rock and pop bands as well as numerous shows with various singer/songwriters.  He also writes and records music in a number of styles including symphonies, soundtracks, classical guitar and electronica.


Robert's approach to teaching is to always have students learn the fundamentals, proper technique, and include music theory relating to the songs that are being worked on.  He teaches classic material along with the newest songs. 

Andy GTR
Andy Guitar Teacher.jpg


Guitar - Ukulele - Piano  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Classical, Pop, Rock

 Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music - ARSM Certification with Distinction, Grade 8 Piano Certification

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Andy is a guitar and ukulele instructor who holds an ARSM (Associate of the Royal Schools of Music) Certification with distinction from The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music). He also holds a Piano Grade 8 Certification from The ABRSM.  Most of his students pass their exams with high marks.


He started teaching music since 2016 on both piano and guitar instruments in different music centres in Hong Kong. Not only one-on-one lessons, but also teaching students from different schools and colleges in group classes . He acts as a piano accompanist in a music playgroup focusing on simplifying the rhythm to an interesting way for young kids.

Wylie GTR
Wylie Profile Picture.jpg


Guitar - Ukulele - Bass - Drums  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, RnB, Rock, Metal

Trebas Institute - Audio Engineering and Production / DJ Arts Diploma

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Wylie is a multi-instrumentalist started as a local performance artist within Markham. Having able to play
guitar, bass, drums on demand, and with knowledgeably music theory to play other instruments when needed. He later started to work as a session musician in recording studios and have become a recording artist in Toronto.  After years of working, he went to study in Trebas Institute to further expand his music production skills and now he also teaches recording of instruments and helps artists to put their creative work out in the public.

With the understanding of recording music, Wylie approaches instruments in a non-traditional method.  Having
inspired by a lot of different instrumental artists, he often will approach students with what inspired them and creates a personalized curriculum based on student preference in music.  Helping them connect their performance skills and studio skills.

Wylie's teaching philosophy is based on Victor Wooten’s approach to music, with the idea that we are all
children who are trying to learn a language, and that’s music.

Harry GTR
Tone Lab 2021 Shoot25894.jpg


Guitar - Ukulele - Bass - Theory - Composition  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, Rock, Metal, Funk, Blues, Folk, Fingerstyle

University of Toronto - Arts Management, Minor in Music

English, Mandarin

Harry is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who has been learning Piano since the age of 8, but realized the Guitar was the instrument that he could never put down. Harry also plays Bass, Ukulele, Keyboard and Drums.

Harry has been in a number of bands since high school, from Soft-Pop bands to Heavy Metal bands, from lead singer to guitarist and bassist, from Taiwan to Canada. He has worked with different types of musicians and performed at various stages in the past.

Harry is available to share his knowledge and love of music with students of all ages for Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Songwriting.

Ross Au
Tone Lab 2021 Shoot26610.png

Guitar - Theory  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Classical, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Metal, Blues

University of Toronto - Master's Degree in Music Performance

English, Cantonese

Ross Au holds a master’s degree from the University of Toronto in the field of music performance. He
specializes in classical guitar and is armed with the pedagogical tools necessary to prepare students for
university auditions and Royal Conservatory examinations. During his time in academics, Ross has studied
with renowned Canadian guitarists, Jeffrey McFadden and David Occhipinti.

Along with his expertise in classical music, Ross is also fluent in many styles of the electric guitar. In each of
his students, Ross instills core values such as expressiveness, technical mastery, musical literacy, self
learning, and above all else – the enjoyment of making music.

Currently, Ross is involved with several creative musical endeavors. In addition to composing music from
the complex and technically demanding idiom of math rock, he also performs with a session band that
provides live music for international artists touring Canada.


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