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Pop, Musical Theatre, R&B

University of Southern California -  Bachelors Degree

Musicians Institute - Certificate in Vocal Performance 

English, Cantonese, Mandarin

Growing up, Grace has always known she has a passion for music. She learned piano at a young age and was a member and later leader of the school choir. When pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Los Angeles, Grace fulfilled her passion for music through enrolling in a variety of music courses including guitar, harp, drums and vocal! Among all, she loves singing the most, and on the school yearbook she was referred to as “the girl who loves to sing and is always singing.”


Grace has received contemporary vocal training in Hong Kong for over ten years and passed the Rockschool Grade 8 vocal exam with merit. She is the finalist as well as award-winner of a number of major singing contests in Hong Kong (e.g. 星河匯聚全港業餘流行曲歌唱大賽, 超新聲歌唱大賽, 登堂入室粤語歌唱比賽, and etc.). In addition to her achievements in professional accreditation and singing contests, Grace has also participated in a variety of music performances including performing at live-houses and malls, musicals, and a cappella performances.


Grace believes in the saying “sing to express, not to impress,” and that everyone has a unique voice and attitude towards music. In addition to coaching students to build up fundamental vocal techniques including breath control, support, and intonation, Grace also focuses on bringing out the uniqueness of one’s voice, expression and stage charisma.



Pop, R&B

Toronto Metropolitan University – International Economics & Finances

2022 Voice of China - Canada Division 2nd Runner Up 中國好聲音加拿大全國季軍

2023 UTCMC 十年巔峰賽 Champion & Vocal MVP

English, Mandarin

Yuqi is an award winning pop and R&B singer with a passion to teach. He won the third place in the Canadian competition of the Voice of China.  He is currently a member of the Chinese Music Club (CMC) at UofT as a vocal coach.

Due to two years of vocal learning and her own singing study, Yuqi has different understanding
in singing skills and music perception.

Yuqi is full of expectation and interest in music education. He hopes to learn from and make
progress with students as friends. He also encourages students to try various music styles and
find their own music through continuous attempts.


Lil Kool

Hip Hop, Trap, Boom Bap, Melodic Rap, Drill

York University – Bachelor of Arts

English, Mandarin

Lil Kool is a Toronto-based independent hip hop artist.  He has five years of experience in creative endeavors, including songwriting, composing, and independent music releases.  He has shown his love for hip hop / rap music since his teenage years and specializes in creating different styles of it, like Boom Bap, Trap, Melodic Rap, and Drill, among others.


His strong sense of music and rhythm was inspired by western rappers like Migos, Tory Lanez, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Chinese rappers like Masiwei 马思唯.  Lil Kool is also exploring the world of audio engineering and has produced over 50 songs for various rappers and singers.


He is a regular performer for the University of Toronto Chinese Hip-Hop Club (CHC) and has participated in notable competitions such as "The Rap of China" 中國新說唱 and the "Turnup" rap contest.  With extensive experience in commercial performances and hip hop specific stage shows, he has graced famous club stages like Rebel and The Axis Club.


Lil Kool believes that everyone who loves rap deserves the opportunity to learn how to rap. His teaching approach aims to break away from the conventional methods of rap instruction, guiding his students to grasp a proper understanding of rap music concepts in a relaxed manner while inspiring their artistic creativity. 

TLMA - Cindy Teacher Bio Photo.jpg


Pop, Folk, Traditional, Children's Choir

Sichuan Conservatory of Music - Bachelor of Chinese Folk Music 

University of South Australia - Master of Education

English, Mandarin

Cindy graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music in Traditional Voice and also graduated with a Masters of Education from the University of South Australia. She has trained with renowned performer and educator Xuesheng Tan 譚學勝 and also Qian Shi 史倩.


In addition to her expansive performing experiences in China, Cindy has also been to Australia and the United Kingdom to perform. Since 2019, Cindy has been actively performing in the South Australian music scene, such as, the Ozasia festival and also featured in Adelaide Festival Centre’s 2021 Chinese New Year concert as a vocal soloist.  She has also collaborated and performed with San Ureshi since 2021, as a featured singer with contemporary folk styles.


She has had extensive teaching experience since 2014, such as one-on-one private lessons and group lessons. The teaching method is novel and flexible, and she excels at teaching traditional music, pop music and music theory courses, and has been unanimously recognized by students and parents.

Harley Vocals
Harley Bio Photo.jpeg


Pop, Jazz, RnB, Classical

York University - Bachelor of Arts - Jazz Vocal Performance

English, Mandarin

Harley began learning different styles of music from a young age, including ethnic singing, classical, pop, and jazz. After junior high school, she attended an art school to study piano and obtained a level ten certificate in voice. She is currently completing a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Vocal Performance at York University and is a member of the York University Concert Choir soprano section. She is also a composer who has released her own solo singles.

She often performs at various events and has been invited to perform at the 2019 Sony Centre Chinese New Year Spectacular, as well as serving as a guest performer for the YCSA Orientation Show for several years and directing rehearsals for the band. She is frequently invited to perform at various events and festivals in Toronto. She has also formed her own band and served as the lead vocalist.

She believes that music brings joy to people and hopes that her students can learn the music knowledge they want in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, liberating their nature and finding their own musical style.


Yentl Vox
portrait_Yentl Liang.jpg

Vocal - Piano  ONLINE & IN PERSON 
Pop, Classical

Trinity Western University - Bachelor of Music

English - Cantonese - Mandarin

Yentl started her musical journey at the age of 5 as a classical pianist and was a member of the school choir since high school. Through studying music at Trinity Western University in Vancouver (graduated with distinction), she has appeared frequently as a soloist and collaborative pianist for piano and voice recitals. She has also been an active member of the Jazz ensemble and the Chamber Choir.


During her studies, Yentl actively involved in her school choir and later became a soloist and participated in toured performances during 2016 and 2018. She performed with the choir at the Carnegie hall in New York and the Parliament Hill in Ottawa. She performed the Canadian Folk Song, The Log Driver’s Waltz as a coloratura soprano soloist at the University of Hong Kong in 2018.


As a recent graduate, Yentl continues to explore her journey as an artist and collaborates with various artists. Yentl is incredibly excited to be working with more talented young artists at Tone Labs!


Oscar_A Black Bear.jpg


R&B, Soul, Pop, Classical, Musical Theatre, Gospel, Ballads, Jazz

York University - Bachelor of Vocal Performance

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Oscar is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education at Western University, with a completed Bachelors degree from York University specializing in Vocal Performance.  He is furthering his education to become a professional music teacher and has worked for YRDSB and TDSB.  He has performed at several venues across the GTA including York University, where he sang in a variety of ensembles such as the York University Gospel Choir, Choral Choir, and R&B ensemble.  He has worked with renowned Canadian musicians and professors such as Karen Burke, Sasha Williamson, and Mike Cado. 


Oscar has achieved great success with students and has multiple testimonials from students both from private lessons and public teachings through the Boards he has worked for.  With over 7 years of teaching experience and more than 10 years of performance experience, Oscar uses flexible pedagogy to teach his students a combination of vocal techniques such as proper breath control and vocal range as well as guiding students to find their own voice and style.

Jimmy Hsu
Jimmy New Bio Photo Pic.jpg


R&B, Pop

2015 Fairchild Radio Vancouver Songwriters Quest Singing Competition SQSC Champion

2016 Fairchild Radio Vancouver Songwriters Quest SQ20 Champion

2022 Voice of China - Canada Division 1st Runner Up 中國好聲音加拿大全國亞軍

English, Mandarin, Cantonese

Jimmy is a multi-award-winning singer-producer who composes original music as well as cover songs in his own arrangements.


In 2022, he won 1st runner-up in Voice of China - Canada Division (中國好聲音加拿大全國亞軍).  Jimmy is also the champion of multiple singing competitions including ones hosted by Fairchild Radio and HIM International Music Inc (華研國際音樂).


He has been frequently sought after to perform at various festivals and events in Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa.


Aside from competing and performing, Jimmy has 5+ years of teaching experience, with great feedback from his students.


He believes that every singer should have their own style, so he does not only teach vocal techniques, but also mentors his students to find the uniqueness in their voice.

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