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High Roller Contest Details


Contest Period


The contest period is held between September 6th - November 6th.  Points accumulated by all eligible contestants during the contest period will be gathered at the end of the contest period.  


The Prizes

The contestant with the highest points accumulated over the period of the contest will be announced and awarded with $1000 cash within 1 week after the end of the contest period.  


The top 5 point earning contestants will be announced and awarded a TLM Blue Mountain Cottage Weekend Getaway Package (Date TBD) that includes 2 Night's stay at a premium cottage, meals and beverages included.


The High Roller Contest is open to all existing contractors of TLM who have a valid signed contract with TLM. 

Ways to Earn Points

5 points for each event / wedding referral


1 Point for each month of private music lessons registered by your referral
* 1 Bonus Point is awarded for every 3 months of private music lessons registered by the same student.  eg. 3-month private music lesson term = 4 points


2 Points for each student who signs up for a 3-month group lesson term

1 Point for every 20 surveys completed by your referrals. (Remember to ask the candidates to list you as their referral!)  

English survey link:
Chinese survey link:


Support our Facebook Promotional Campaign on September 10th 2015!

We kindly ask that our instructors switch and maintain his/her Facebook Profile Picture and Cover Photo to the photos provided by TLM from the promotional photoshoot for a minimum of 1 week.  


3 Points for maintaining the photos for 1 month. (We could really use the support!)



Event / Wedding Referrals:

Points are awarded to the contestant upon TLM's receipt of a deposit from the referral



Lessons (Individual and Group):

Points are awarded to the contestant upon TLM's receipt of one of the following:

    - Cash Payment in Full

    - Monthly Post-Dated Cheques

    - Pre-authorized Debits 

Privacy Policy

By participating, each contestant grants TLM permission to use his/her name, likeness or comments for publicity purposes without payment of additional consideration, except where prohibited by law.  


All federal and provincial taxes associated with the receipt or use of any prize is solely the responsibility of the winner.



*TLM reserves the rights to amend any changes to the terms of the contest at any time without further notice.

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