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  Programs Tailor Made for All Needs    

  Music Minis  

Music Minis offers fun and educational music classes for children, including babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, aged 3 years to 7 years of age.  A music program for pre-school children, Music Minis will help children to foster an appreciation of music to last a lifetime.  The music classes enhance children's developement while they are having fun.  Singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments and music games stimulate the children's creativity and imagination.

  Private Lessons  

Our private lessons are designed to define and refine the individual talents of our students by providing a broad range of programs offered by our distinguished instructors.  We utilize innovative teaching methods and provide resources to our students that reflect the diversity of expression and opportunities that define music today.


Private lessons are offered in:  Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Viola, Cello, Drums, Percussion, Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Recorder, ErHu, Gu Zheng, and Theory/Composition.  

  Group Lessons / Workshops  

Our group lessons are a fun and productive way to learn music while actively developing our students' social skills.  It's a great way for students to meet peers who share the same passion while learning how to better relate and co-operate with their peers in a disciplined yet fun learning environment.  There is also far less pressure on students in a group setting as compared to a one to one basis with a private teacher - This allows everyone to relax and enjoy the lesson more.

We offer a variety of group lessons / workshops not limited to only music subjects, but also visual arts and crafts to promote creativity and explore the potential and interests of our students.


  School Ensemble / Band  

At Tone Labs we believe students should be given the opportunity and environment to learn and play music in a group community setting.  Intermediate students are encouraged to participate in our school's ensemble and various bands to further develop their musicianship, confidence, social skills, and to meet like-minded peers.  Students are highly motivated by what they see each other doing and therefore get inspired to practice more and to try new things

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